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Top Reasons For Importing Used Cars From Japan

People have been buying used cars for ages since they are cheaper and they attract less tax. And when it comes to quality used cars, Japan is undoubtedly the best country to get it from.


Most countries allow used car imports from Japan since they have good deals as well as good standards. If you are looking to import a used car, here are some reasons why you should consider getting one from Japan.

Competitive product range

Many people prefer to buy used cars from Japan, making it a very competitive market.

You are able to get a wide range of cars. You get to choose from many manufacturers, models, ages, and other specifications. Due to the competitive market, you are able to get good deals.

You can buy all sorts of vehicles from cars, buses, trucks, and other automobiles and they all come in different makes and models.

You get good quality products

Japan is a well-developed country with a stable economy that has the ability to produce numerous cars every year. Most people there drive a car for a short while, and then put it up for sale; hence, you find good cars with low mileage.

They typically do not have cars that are older than 15 years on the road.

Cars are usually in good conditions since they are not subjected to too much wear and tear. When you import cars from Japan, you are able to make specific orders according to the make and year of production.

Easy availability of parts

The good thing with Japanese cars is that most of them come in mass production batches. They are available in most parts of the world, and they do not cost too much. If you have a Japanese car, you do not have trouble getting spare parts for your car. If the parts are not available in your domestic market, you can always import them from Japan at a friendly fee.

Good prices and payment terms

Japanese cars are popular all over the world since they are very pocket-friendly, and they fetch a good resale value.

Most foreign countries do not allow flexible payment plans. In Japan, you are able to pay online with options such as PayPal, telegraphic transfer, electronic fund transfer, credit card payments, escrow services, and other forms of payments. You can even split your payments into manageable lump sums once you agree with your dealer.

Elimination of intermediary

Most people buy cars from salespersons who do not necessarily disclose all the information about the vehicles.

When you import your own vehicle from Japan, you eliminate the intermediary and get it from the source. This saves you money and potential heartaches.

You have many review sites as well as objective information sites to source your vehicle information from. If you want to import more than one car, you can just have them shipped in a container and save a lot of money on purchases, shipment, and taxes.

In conclusion, you are able to get your money’s worth and the process is smooth and satisfying.

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