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Top 6 Party Catering Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

People love going to parties since parties are a great way to relax, and they provide a break from the monotonous cycle of home and work. Hosting a party can be an enjoyable task, and to make sure that the guests also enjoy every minute of it.

Here are catering tips you cannot afford to miss:


1. Make sure to work with a guest list

The guest list is very important, since, with this piece of paper, you can tell how much food you need, they appropriate drinks to serve, and the amount of space that will be enough.

Not having a guest list can turn your great party into a disaster, since you can end up wasting a lot of money and resources if only a fraction of the number actually attends.


2. Decorations are necessary

Decorations are important in parties that have a theme. Office parties are incomplete without company Colour decorations or a cake with the company theme.

Other themed parties such as Christmas or New Year’s parties will be incomplete without the Christmas tree, or the fireworks and countdown timers. Your décor will help the guests to get into the party mood, and this is an integral part of the party.


3. Serve event-relevant food

Most people claim that the success of a party lies on just how good the food is, and such claims are well founded. The type of food will depend on the age of the guests, the theme of the party, or whether it is a day or a night party.

You have to get a professional caterer who will make great tasting food, and help you to present it to the guests in the most appealing way, whether as a buffet or whether the guests will be served at their tables like catering Singapore.


4. Serve the right kind of drinks

Food and drinks always go together, and the criteria you will use to choose your food will also be the one to use when choosing your drinks. Setting up a bar at the party is a great way for guests to order what they want, and you can use this idea to recover some funds, especially if you are footing the bill.

Guests will have a lot of fun sitting at the bar or having a waiter take their order, and depending on the theme of the party, you can have the bartender and the waiters dress up relevantly.


5. Make it more than the average party

Go out of your way to make your party memorable, and this will include getting creative and doing things you would not normally expect in the normal parties.

You can invite a local band to the party, which will play music that is relevant to the party, and have them entertain the guests, as well as encourage them to dance.

Playing games in the party, hiring professional dancers to grace the occasion or offering complimentary rides to guests are also ways to keep people talking about the party months after the event is over.


6. Make some money out of it

Some parties can cost an arm and a leg, but if your guest list includes a few celebrities or influential people in society, you can make money from selling advertising space.

Numerous companies out there are willing to pay a tidy sum to have their company brand in your event, as long as you can convince them that their brand will catch the attention of potential clients.

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