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Pet Care – How To Protect Yourself And Others From Pet Bites

Pets are adorable; fun to play with, and they shower us with love and devotion in a way that only pets can; however, pets can turn aggressive and bite their owners.

Some pets bite people as a form of play while others do so when they feel threatened, regardless of the pet’s intention; a pet bite can be fatal.

Here are tips to help you protect yourself from a pet bite, especially where the pet seems ready to attack you:

1. Remain calm – For whatever reason a dog or cat seems threatened by you and starts acting up, do not panic. Animals can sense fear, and if you start panicking, the pet will bite you.

Stand still with arms at your side, just remain calm, do not make any quick movements, and the pet will calm down as well. Also, do not make eye contact, since some animals can interpret this as a challenge.

2. Give it something to bite – As a way to distract the animal, you can throw a water bottle or anything you have in your pocket to the ground, and hope that the pet will transfer its frustrations to it.

If you know that, a particular pet is aggressive, you can prepare for your meeting with a few treats, and these will surely calm the pet down.

3. Give it a command – If you find that nothing you are doing is working so far, give the pet a command. This would work for trained dogs, where if you shout at it with words such as “stop” or “back away,” it will happy wheels demo listen to you and do what you are commanding it to do.

If you choose this course of action, you have to be firm, speak clearly and audibly, and look at it straight in the face.

4. What to do when it attacks – A dog is the pet likely to get this far, so when it does, you need to gather all your courage to fight back. You can kick or hit the pet on the nose, the back of the head, or the throat. A good kick will sober the dog up and possibly give you enough time to run. You can also shout for help while looking for a stick to hit the dog with, in case it insists on coming after you.

5. Hold the animal down – You will need a lot of confidence here, and you will turn the tables using your weight.

If you happen to wrestle the dog on the floor, because dogs cannot wrestle, place all your weight on its back, but do not get too close to its face to give it an opportunity to bite you. Apply as muck force around the neck area to immobilize the dog.

6. What if you slip and fall to the ground? – At this point, the dog has the upper hand and you have to protect your throat, your chest, and your face.

You should lie down on your stomach, hands with clenched fists up your ears, and your legs together. Edmonton vet clinics advice that do not move, and the dog will lose interest after a while and will leave you alone.


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