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Choosing the Engraving Method from Engraver Companies

Methods used by metal engraver companies

This article is to explain the methods of engraving used by metal engraver companies

For a long time, etching was the most common method used by metal engraver companies and even blacksmiths who did this kind of work in small scale.

The trend has changed so much over the years, thanks to the technological innovations that have led to the introduction of new methods such as laser.

With this information in mind, it is important to consider the benefits of choosing any of the methods available, depending on your needs. That way, you can have an easier way choosing the best metal engraver service provider, like metal engraver Philippines, for the job you have at hand.



Is laser engraving any better than etching?

For many years, etching was almost the only feasible method used to engrave any writing or images on trophies depending on the material used.

The introduction of laser technology has brought about a revolution in the trophy and even metal engraving sector in general. It takes certain infrastructure and investment in special laser equipment to perform these actions.

However, this should not worry the client because they do not have to pay for the equipment. As a matter of fact, laser technology has brought down the rates charged for engraving services. It takes less time and the process is more automated and easier.


Etching was good, but laser engraving is better and yield better results

This sector demands very high quality products. The reason behind this emphasis on quality is because the trophies must stand out as neat and attractive as possible to make them pass as good trophies.

No one wants to buy a trophy that is not as smart as they would want it to be. The fact that this process is completely computerized has resulted in the exclusion of so many processes that were mandatory in etching. This makes it more economical to hire the services of a company that uses the laser method.

Besides, the reduction in the cost of engraving by metal engraver companies is passed on to you. Laser engraving makes it very easy to carry out engraving projects.

It also results in more accurate engraving within a short period. This has made it very easy for clients to get their bulk orders fulfilled in good time without unnecessary delays.

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