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Air-conditioning Servicing – Tips For Getting It Right

People living in countries that experience extreme weather conditions cannot afford to ignore their air-conditioning servicing since a broken unit will make the heat or cold in the home or office unbearable.

Here are tips to make sure that your air-conditioning unit is in great shape all year round, and tips on what to do in case of any common problem.

Regular filter checks – Make sure to check the air-conditioning filters every month. By checking the filters, you can detect any damage that might have occurred, and call in an expert to fix it, straighten the condensing unit fins or have it replaced.

Make sure that there is no debris in the condenser unit, and if you find any dirt, you can clean it to keep it in perfect working condition.

The annual maintenance check – Just before the cooling season, have a professional come in at least a month before, and make sure that it will serve you throughout the season like aircon servicing Singapore.

Finding technicians during the cold season can be hard and might be very expensive, so the sooner you have it checked, the better.

The area around the unit – As much as taking care of the unit is important, the area on the outside is almost as important because it will affect the functioning of the unit.

Make sure to trim the plants or shrubs that might be growing near the condensing unit, since they will affect the proper flow of air.

Here are some common air conditioning problems that you can solve on your own:

1. If you find that some water from the unit is leaking onto the ceiling or is flowing down the walls, then you have a leaking unit problem. The first thing you should do is inspect the drain line to make sure that there are no restrictions. The elimination of restrictions allows the unit to drain freely.

2. If you find that your unit is cycling on and off, then most probably you have a problem with the fan and the evaporator unit. The best way to deal with this problem is to hire a professional to clean the unit.

If you want to do the cleaning yourself, you can search for information online on how to do it.

3. If you discover that your unit is not cooling the air as you expect it to, then your unit might need to replace its air filter. Exposing the filter to direct sunlight will prevent it from cooling the air effectively, so you might need to put a shade over it.

In addition, your unit might not cool the air effectively because the suction line might be wearing out, or maybe it is loose; get a technician to correct this problem.

As mentioned earlier, your air-conditioning unit must serve you well throughout the year and the best way to make sure it does is to have a professional technician conduct regular maintenance on it.

Most professional technicians can make routine air-con servicing at your premises depending on the contract you have with them.


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