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9 Signs That Your Cat Loves You More Than Anyone Else At Home

Cats cannot hide their emotions, if they love you, they will show it, and if they do not like you at all, you will know that as soon as you enter the door.

No one hates to be loved, whether by a human being or an animal, and here is how you can tell that your cat is crazy about you:

1. Does she purr around you? – The cat will purr whenever she wants to show affection or concern. The purrs can vary in depth, and if she purrs focusing on you, know that she is trying to tell you that she loves you.

2. Does she look at you and blink slowly? – Cats rarely make eye contact with strangers or people they feel indifferent towards. If your cat loves to stare at you and in the process, she blinks slowly know that she trusts you and truly loves you.

3. Does she love to roll around your feet? – Rolling on the ground next to you and showing you her tummy is probably her way of seeking your attention and greeting you. Cats hardly do this to strangers, and you should interpret this as a sign of love and vulnerability.

4. Does she lick your ears and hair? – Cats groom themselves through licking. If you find your cat licking you, whether around your ears or on your hair, it is not because they feel you are dirty, it is because she considers you a close friend.

5. Does she knead any part of you? – When you look at kittens suckling, you will notice that they are always kneading on their mothers, and people believe that this helps in the release of milk. If a grown cat is kneading on you, then she is showing that she adores and loves you.

6. Does she bite you gently? – When playing with you, you can feel a bite here or there, and though biting is a self-defense mechanism, those playful bites are usually a sign of love. Do not get angry over this behavior, it is just another way of appreciating and playing with you.

7. Does she bring you gifts? – Naturally, cats are hunters, and if they bring back toys or even mice to you after a successful hunt, deal with the spoils appropriately. Do not see it as a way of bringing dirt into the house, just know that she cares enough to trust you with what she has worked so hard to get.

8. Does your cat push against you? – Many times a cat that is in love with you will push up against you using her head, whether on your legs or even on your face. Doing so usually leaves a scent on you that show the other cats that you belong to her. Doing this is evidence that she is crazy about you.

9. Does she sleep on you? – Cats naturally love to sleep, and if you find that they always want to sleep on or just next to you, know that she feels very comfortable and safe next to you. During sleep, the cat is vulnerable to attack from anywhere, so if she comes to you, let her find peace in the place she loves most as advised by Edmonton vet clinics.

If your cat behaves in the above manner around you more than with anyone else in the house, then without a doubt she loves you most.

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