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Published on January 17th, 2016 | by webmaster


6 Important Tips You Can Learn From Top Bloggers Who Use Social Media To Promote Their Blogs

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When it comes to sharing content online, bloggers are some of the best. Bloggers usually make money depending on the number of views their content has attracted, and this gives them the motivation to learn the art of sharing through social media. Here is what most top bloggers believe are the secrets to a successful social media campaign:

  1. Make it easy for your readers to share

Every blogger out there wants you to read the amazing content that he or she has written down, and then share it. When you share his or her post, you share with all of your friends, most of whom do not have direct access to the blogger. In the same way, make sure to float a social share button on your content in a place where your readers can share your content at any point they feel like it. This will undoubtedly increase your social media following with time.

  1. Create outstanding content

Bloggers have no choice but to wow their readers with every post, a challenge that you should also take upon yourself. A blogger knows so well that a boring and poorly written post will have very few views and no shares at all, and this translates to bad business. Make sure to do thorough research on what your readers are interested in, have a user-friendly web design, and write content that will blow them away. A happy reader will not only share your content with his or her friends, but he or she will become a client soon enough.

  1. Use your mailing list

Almost all successful bloggers grow their mailing list with every post because they ask their readers to opt into receiving direct emails whenever they post something new. Emails are very effective when it comes to converting people who seldom visit your website into clients. Everyone online has an email address that they access every time the go online, this means that you can convince them to buy your products and services with every email, as often as you write.

  1. Sharing posts on social media with different variations

A blogger can promote the same blog a few times on social media; only making sure to change the text and the images every time that he or she shares it. The image you share on your first post might not attract someone enough to want to click on it but probably the third or the fourth will, giving you as many views as possible on just one post. You might want to do the exact same thing since the more views you get the better your ranking becomes.

  1. Asking influential people to promote your content

The thing about influential people is that almost all of their followers will want to read everything they share, regardless of what it is they are sharing. Bloggers use this advantage to market their posts, by requesting their influential contacts to promote their content, or targeting a post on what an influential person is passionate about. There are influential personalities and websites in your niche, and linking with them will assure you of increased readership and improved rankings with time. If you have no relationship with the influential people you want to target in your content you can quote them and make sure that they notice, soon enough you will have a relationship.

  1. Writing fresh content/hot topics

Bloggers are always looking for what is fresh in the media, and then create a blog around it to meet their purposes. People love reading hot topics just to quench their curiosity, and since bloggers have perfected the art of striking when the iron is hot, you should follow in their footsteps. If you can create content about your business and find a way of incorporating current events, you will find yourself selling your products or services to people who hardly knew they needed them.

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