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5 Ways to Save Up for Your Annual Family Getaway

Travel vacations should be made into law. It should be one of those things where it’s not a privilege of the few, but rather the right of all people.

But sadly, one of the most oft-cited excuses for not traveling is lack of money or no budget.
But as a firm believer in the saying, ‘if there’s a will there’s a way’, here’s some WAYS on how to save up and make annual family vacation possible.

Find Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Trip

First off, lower the cost of your trip. Do what backpackers do and stay at pension houses dorms or hostels. Another way is to be patient enough to search online for great hotel deals and cheap tickets, and etc.

For families or large group of travelers, vacation rentals are always a great option. And lastly, whenever possible, pack your own snacks, food, and drinks while on the road. Obviously, if your travel budget is low then it’s more doable to save up for it.

Before you go to your destination, try to find out the times and days when tourist spots or attractions offer discounts or free day pass such as local museums, theme parks, shows / events, etc.

Cut Down Your Other Expenses

Ok, so this should be a no-brainer and it just needed to be said again. Cut down your other expenses, especially the ones that you don’t realize are already costing you a lot of money if add up all together. Think of your daily morning coffee at a corner shop, a stick of gum, newspaper or magazine subscription, etc.

At the end of the year, you’d be surprised by how much you could end up saving in your piggy bank with your supposedly loose change.

Some people are getting rid of their cable or phone lines to save up on their monthly bills. Read your news on the Internet or just watch something via live streaming. Be mindful also of your budget when you eat out or go to movies; make sure it’s within your budget plan. Even fast-food can set back a family of four at least $20.

Do Comparison Online Shopping

Looking for an exotic Asian city destination, a beach travel destination somewhere in the Caribbean, or wherever?
It’s easy to find the best deals and discounts if you’re smart. Make use of the Internet and do a comparison online shopping. And if you’re really smart, you should also be using comparative shopping in almost all your essential product purchases such as insurance, home appliances, etc.

Save Up More: Put Loose Change in a Piggy Bank

At the end of the day, it’s really just a matter of how badly you want go on that holiday vacation or family vacation trip that you’ve always dreamt of.

Ever heard of the 52 week money savings challenge?

The idea is that on the first week you set aside $1 and the second week $2, the third week $3 and so on.

Another way to save up more is to hold a garage sale of your old stuff or even things that you hardly use anymore.

After all, you don’t really need dozens of shoes and bags in your closet. Or why not sell some of your electronic gadgets and appliances? Try Ebay or Craiglist for those kinds of items.

Make Use of Your Talent or Skills


Anyone in the family has a special talent like emceeing, singing, dancing, acting, or playing any musical instrument?

Why not ‘offer’ your services to friends and family? You charge a minimal fee or just say that they can make some kind of donation to your family vacation fund in exchange for making use of your or your kids’ talent or skills?

There are actually still a lot ways that you and your family could do to save up for your annual family vacation travel. Like I said, if there’s a will then there’s definitely lot of ways.

Do you have other wonderful ideas on how to save up for your travel vacation? I’d love to hear them. Visit our Bangkok hotels.


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